Moon Period Cup

The Smartest Replacement for Sanitary Pads

To sustain a woman’s hygiene, she must take wise steps. The Moon Period Cup in India comes as a reusable cup-shaped holder to let women accumulate menstrual blood with ease. What makes it durable is its durable body. These cups are usually made from materials like silicone, latex, or rubber. These cups are easy to fix against the vagina from where the blood will flow and fill the cup. As it stays soft against the skin, the user can wear it for long hours. These cups are safe to wear up to eight hours a day. Alongside, one has to keep emptying it and keep it clean for reuse.

Our online sex toys store brings the most advanced Moon Period Cup in India, keeping in mind a woman’s health. These cups are budget-friendly and more economical than sanitary pads. With this, one can keep saving money in the long run. They are made with safe materials that are gentle on your skin and prevent leaks and spills, reducing the risk of rashes compared to pads.

Using the Moon Menstrual Cup also helps prevent odours that can come from using pads for extended periods. Since they don’t contain harmful chemicals, there’s no risk of diseases like cervical or ovarian cancer or infections. In short, they’re a great addition to women’s health accessories and provide a convenient way to avoid public toilets.

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