We Assure Privacy at the Highest Level

 The following is the privacy policy of Mumbaisextoy that is applicable to all its customers. These policies are to be read in detail, understood, and followed impeccably.

The Data We Process

We process the data given by the customers either at the point of purchasing or at the point of signing. We process data as such their name, address, contact number, payment details, and others.


We keep utmost confidentiality because of the sensitivity of our service niche. All customers connected to us would remain anonymous as we have laws against third-party access and will not hesitate to take legal actions if these laws are broken. However, if the user, upon his/hers own wish provides their information with an outside party, we won’t take any responsibility for security issues.

We Hold the Copyright

Mumbaisextoy holds the Copywrite of the above privacy policy and contemned all outside parties to use it for commercial purposes. And if this law is broken, strict action will be taken.

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