GoGirl Female Urinate Device

Say No to Public Toilets and Stay Hygienic

Health and hygiene are in one’s hands, and the GoGirl Female Urinate Device in India comes with this assurance. We know there are public toilets scattered here and there. But are they hygienic? No, never – What if one wants to urinate when staying outside the home? This female urination device is a saviour and an excellent substitute for public toilets. It comes in a unique shape and makes it easier for the user to carry it for hours. Whenever she wants to pee, the holder will accumulate the liquid securely. In other words, the user does not have to visit those unclean public toilets.

Now, the question is what the GoGirl urinate device looks like. It is a very small cup that collects urine and can be easily washed. One has to hold it correctly under her vagina and urinate. The capacity of the cup is also good. Hence, there is no chance of spilling over. Furthermore, one will not have to worry about embarrassment on the go. Instead, one can enjoy discreet peeing and stay happy and hygienic.

Our online sex toys store comes with the most advanced GoGirl Female Urinate Device in India. It is made of high-quality ABS plastic in a lovely purple shade. The best thing is it is reusable. This means no matter how many times you use it, you don’t need to throw it off. Once the liquid is stored, throw it, wash it well with soap and water or with a toy cleaner. Make sure you have cleaned it well because you need to keep it ready for the next time. Moreover, it is very durable as it comprises pure ABS plastic. Hence, it is safe for the skin, and cleaning it also becomes a lot easier.

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