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Online Adult Sex Toys Store in Mumbai

Who hasn’t heard about the City of Dreams, Mumbai? Well, people, apart from fulfilling dreams, are talking about sex toys in Mumbai and their growing influence over people in the city. Apart from modernity, prosperity, and grandeur, Mumbai stands out from other cities in India in passion. Moreover, where Mumbai is so densely populated, sexual wellness is a concern. This is where people are taking up more and more toys to keep their sex life on the go. To help them further, our online sex toys store, Mumbaisextoy, comes with a noble job to make people enjoy their sex life with safety and pleasure.

Brings Exclusive Sex Toys for All in Mumbai

According to our online sex toys store in Mumbai, the percentage of female users is gradually matching that of males. Even a vast rise is seen in the number of couples using sex toys in Mumbai. Reportedly, there has been a rise of 22% among couples in using sex toys for their relationship. It seems love in Mumbai has taken a more potent fragrance, making couples go for new ways to shine in love and relationships. Even single men and women are replacing old ways of celebrating love and taking up new ideas to keep their bonds going.

Mumbaisextoy will always be happy to serve you with its colossal range of adult toys and accessories. As we have always valued sexual wellness, we will continue doing so in the coming years. Keeping away phthalate-enabled products and other harmful substances, we have brought all safe, skin-friendly toys and accessories. Mumbaisextoy unlocks a fabulous range of sex toys in Mumbai for men, women, and couples.

Let’s take a quick look:

Our Male Adult Toys in India

Men usually look for changes with time, and we bring them all here. Forget your fingers and pillows because our spider sower masturbators and male strokers will get wilder sensations to the male genitals. If you talk about penetrative sex, we have the most amazing toys that men would love playing with for hours.

To have a sheet-clutching experience, we have realistic sex dolls with realistic private parts. These adult sex toys are so seductive that men will find it easier to overcome their hesitations to sleep with hot girls. They might sound like typical dolls, but when you look at them, you will know what eroticism is.
Apart from these male sex toys in Mumbai, men can look for big artificial vaginas for more seduction, while cock rings will benefit them in long-lasting erections. With these sex toys online in India, men will experience a much higher libido and a rocking mood in bed.

Our Female Sex Toys in India

The good thing about our female adult toys in India is they cater to multiple sexual problems and enhance pleasure without any doubt. With products like pussy pumps, breast enlargement cream, and silicone breast prosthesis, women will reshape their sex life. More accessories like steel rings and menstrual cups will keep them thrilled.
Talking not about vibrators when it is about female sex toys is illogical. Yes, our collection of female adult products in India brings a fantastic range of vibrators like rabbit vibrators, bullet vibrators, G-spot vibrators, music vibrators, and what else?

Don’t skip the idea of browsing sex machines and electro-sex toys. Try making love with electricity, and you will cherish the experience. The nipple clamps, too, are good enough for tits play, while the vibrating panty will keep girls orgasmic on the go.

Our Couple Sex Toys in India

All partners would love to ignite their relationship once again. Our adult toys online for couples include everything partners would need to make each other seductive. Whether it is our anal dildos or butt plugs, or anal beads, all are sure to add safety to an engaging anal sex session.

The strap-ons are equally alluring as they come in different shapes and designs. Some have vibrators, while some come strapless. With these sex toys online in India, couples find extreme pleasure in playing with each other.

Bondage sex toys are always special and offbeat. They are always different and stand out from other couple sex toys. Our collection of BDSM sex toys is unique and promises to leave couples highly erotic. Hence, going for these sex toys would give couples a big boost in their sexual bond. The next time you wish to get kinky with your partner, our adult sex toys India for couples would be helpful.

Top 12 Sex Toys in Mumbai Blazing Up Beds for Singles and Couples

Mumbaisextoy has plenty of adult products to offer. But there are some which deserve mention, as they have been trending for quite some time. These sex toys have recorded the highest number of users in the last eight months and will continue doing so, as per experts. Let’s have a quick look:

Vibrating Panty

Wearing a vibrating panty is a real pleasure for women as this sex accessory lets them do multiple activities throughout the day. Mumbaisextoy is happy to bring the ladies such a wonderful sex accessory to stay high on orgasm. With this, women enjoy stimulating their clitoris like anything on wearing vibrating underwear. It is like an ordinary undergarment but with a vibrator attached.

Prime Features of Vibrating Panty:

  • Remote control operation
  • Discreet public play
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Operates with silence

Rabbit Vibrator

rabbit vibrator is an expert in bringing the fun of dual stimulation to women. This is a reason why women love playing alone. Experts say these vibrators deliver powerful vibrations to the clitoris, making it kinkier for action. One of the female sex toys in Mumbai, the rabbit vibrator, is pure happiness for women.

Prime Features of a Rabbit Vibrator:

  • Orgasm in no time
  • G-spot and clitoral stimulation
  • No noise during operation
  • Versatile controls

Glass Dildo

glass dildo is an exclusive and favourite sex toy for women. It promises a premium experience for women as these dildos come in Pyrex bodies. Women love playing with these to enjoy vaginal penetration. The high-quality Pyrex material looks like glass and does not break. Also, it is safe to insert into the vagina. Toys like these enable temperature play, which counts among the most talked-about erotic plays for women.

Prime Features of a Glass Dildo:

  • Robust and risk-free
  • Pyrex-made
  • Hassle-free cleaning
  • Temperature play

Male Masturbation Toys

Men would once again fall in love with themselves, as here comes the most seductive male masturbation toys. Those who think they are tired of using their hands will take deep pleasure in trying these toys. Known for solo play among men, these toys help men enhance their sexual urges. These silicone-made toys promise to give men bliss in bed during solo play.

Prime Features of Male Masturbation Toys:

  • Silicone-based
  • Lifelike products
  • Good for solo performance
  • Masturbation without hands

Bullet Vibrator

If you know the power of a bullet, you will feel the same when using a bullet vibrator. The unique thing about this vibrating toy is its compact size with a massive vibrating power. The vibrators we have here are versatile and made of superior-quality materials. A lot of women prefer picking the bullet vibrator to enjoy orgasmic sensations during solo play.

Prime Features of a Bullet Vibrator

  • Fulfilling orgasm
  • Strong G-spot stimulation
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Lightweight and portable

Anal Dildo

Since anal sex involves a good deal of safety, the anal dildo comes as the best shield. Couples find these anal sex toys safe and effective to play. The collection of anal dildos we have is trendy and promises to add safety to anal sex sessions. What anal dildo benefits users is it makes them get less pain during penetration. Before using an anal dildo, using a lubricant is the safest thing for users.

Prime features of an Anal Dildo:

  • Small sized vibrators
  • Easy to insert into anus
  • Effortless to use
  • Assures no frictions

Inflatable Love Doll

Men know what it means to have fun with a hot girl in bed, and the inflatable love doll matches their expectations. All these dolls have silicone bodies and, hence, are cuddly to play with. The reason why these male sex toys in Mumbai are popular is for their humanized appearance. Men who are willing to enhance their libido will love going for these inflatable love dolls. A pump is provided with which the dolls are brought to real statures.

Prime Features of an Inflatable Love Doll:

  • Inflatable to real size
  • Pure silicone body
  • Soft private parts
  • Skin colour

Male Stroker

Stroking is the most heavenly thing men enjoy in bed. But when a male stroker comes in his grip, he would turn crazy. Such is the essence of a male stroker that lets men enjoy penetrating like anything. These humanized sex toys in Mumbai come with realistic private parts to let men have fun like anything. Therefore, every time a man goes to masturbate, he will love taking the male stroker with him to bed.

Prime Features of a Male Stroker:

  • Replicates female private parts
  • Hassle-free penetration
  • Soft-skin material
  • Non-stop stroking

Cock Ring

Many men face the challenge of not having a timely and satisfying erection. If you are unhappy in bed, the cock ring will fix things up by giving you a quick erection. It is like a magical ring worn on the penis and promises men to sustain their erection longer. Comfy to wear and harmless, the cock ring will keep men comfortable and confident.

Prime Features of a Cock Ring:

  • Effortless to wear
  • Hardens penis quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Stays safe on the penis

Penis Extender Sleeve

There is no substitute for a penis extender sleeve in the list of male sex accessories. It needs no effort to wear it and use it for stretching the penis size and girth. Furthermore, it lends good shape to the penis. These sleeves fit the penis well and work wonders in extending its length. Men who feel their penis size is not good enough for sexual satisfaction can always go for this.

Prime Features of a Penis Extender Sleeve:

  • Safe for penis extension
  • Hassle-free usage
  • Durable and high in comfort
  • Silicone-made

G-spot Vibrator

Women consider finding the G-spot an adventure. So, the G-spot vibrator helps women take pleasure in this erotic adventure. Modern and effective, this vibrating toy for women leads to wild erotic sensations in erogenous areas of their genitals. These vibrators, too, support multiple vibrations that make the experience so satisfactory. Girls alone take immense pleasure in shopping and using these vibrating sex toys in Mumbai. With no complex settings, the G-spot vibrator is a dream toy for horny women.

Prime Features of a G-spot Vibrator:

  • Stimulates G-spot with ease
  • Powerful stimulations
  • Great for solo play
  • Strong vibrations

Sex Machine

If there is anything wild that women crave to enjoy non-stop stroking, it is the sex machine. Having powerful mechanism and modern controls, the sex machine makes women enjoy solos like never before. Easy to use and operate, sex machines are safe for enjoying eroticism. Mumbaisextoy considers these among the top female sex toys in Mumbai owing to their high demands throughout.
Prime Features of a Sex Machine:

  • High-tech mechanism
  • Variety play settings
  • Constant stroking
  • Great solo toy for women

Final Words

Erotic love is the most superior form of love among people of all ages. You will always want to have an enjoyable sex life. Mumbaisextoy, therefore, plays a crucial role in bringing all such sex toys in Mumbai, which men, women, and couples would love to play with safety and pleasure. We intend to ensure sexual wellness and nothing more than this. We attempt to reach out to everyone throughout the city and other corners of India through our products. Thankfully, we have gotten responses, and we are still doing well. We will bring more new sex gadgets and toys to make people’s sex lives happier, joyous, and contented. We are sure we will win the hearts of every human on earth.

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