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Mumbaisextoy greets everyone with a hearty welcome to shop for sex toys in Pune online. We are here with a simple mission. It is our online sex toys store which intends to bring people to notice that they can now shop for adult products from their homes. Pune counts among the busiest cities in Maharashtra and draws massive numbers of visitors from various parts of India and abroad every year. Whether it’s palaces, forts or theme parks, the Queen of the Deccan has everything to impress everyone. Apart from these, we are here to add more doses of love, emotions, and wildness to the city’s flavour. Hence, we wish to initiate our effort to bring a wide range of sexual wellness products for one and all.

Mumbaisextoy – The Ultimate Online Sex Toys Store in Pune

Reality says that sex toys are available everywhere. Despite this, why did we make so much effort to set up an online store for you? The answer is simple, and it is because we aim to keep you away from the struggles you face in your sex life. You might have workloads, domestic duties, and taking care of your loved ones. But who will take care of your sexual needs? Of course, doctors and medicines are there. But the investments which you might end up with at the end of every month might leave you with no savings. Therefore, Mumbaisextoy brings a massive range of sex toys in Pune at such affordable prices that people won’t think twice before spending.

We want to give you an idea of the toys and accessories we offer. This would give you a clear picture of the variety we have in our store. Have a look:

Our Adult Toys for Men

What men worry most about their sex life is how they can turn up their libido. What if they fail to satisfy their partner, and what if they end up ejaculating sooner? Even some men have erectile dysfunction, while some lack sexual urges for not having anyone in their lives. Well, our online sex toys store in Pune is aware of all these instances and, accordingly, brings all types of male sex toys in Pune. We understand how a poor performance can ruin a man’s image in bed, and so, what would be the best thing for him than toys to stay good in bed?

Keeping all these aspects in mind, we have brought some great male masturbation toys as well as those which would let men enjoy hands-free solos. To let them stroke well, we have male strokers that come in the form of female bodies with private organs. Our collection of sex dolls is also exceptional as we have inflatable love dolls, silicone love dolls, sex real dolls, and Super Girl. Besides, there are accessories like cock rings, penis extender sleeves, penis enlargement cream, and more.

Our Female Sex Toys at a Quick Glance

Women come with many naughty ideas to dominate in bed. Sometimes, they rule, and sometimes, they want their male partner to rule. Those who wish to have all the fun in bed alone can benefit from our collection of female sex toys in Pune. Whether it is her desire for an orgasm or a prolonged performance or her concern about vaginal health, Mumbaisextoy has all such products for the ladies at the most competitive prices.

Starting from vibrators to non-vibrators, vibrating massagers to glass dildos, breast enlargement cream to silicone breast prostheses, and electro-sex toys to sex machines, our online sex toys store is sure to impress the beauties out there. There might also be experienced users who are accustomed to these products. For them, we have got upgraded dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, steel rings, and more. There are breast enlargement devices which also benefit women with small-sized breasts. The enhancement creams mentioned above come with natural formulations and play a vital role in regaining the look and personality of women. In other words, our female toys will bring women positivity and confidence in converting their dull sex life into a vibrant one.

Our Adult Toys for Couples in Pune for the Naughty Partners

There are different sex stories for different couples. Some stories speak of disappointments, frustrations, and failures, while some talk of average performances and sexual pitfalls. However, many partners stress taking more innovative and kinkier approaches to lovemaking. Many want to move out of typical intercourse and other stereotyped sexual acts. It is here that our online sex toys store comes up with a plethora of sex toys for couples in Pune.

Mumbaisextoy unlocks a stunning collection of anal dildos to start with. Experts say that the craze for anal sex is growing with time. Hence, couples are looking for more anal sex toys that would assure them safety, enjoyment, and craziness as well. So, today if you browse our store for anal sex toys, you will find everything from all types of anal dildos along with anal beads, butt plugs, anal vibrators, and so on. Even the strap-ons we have are exceptional and diverse. Besides, what’s noteworthy is the bondage sex kit. It comprises everything from mouthball gags to chastity locks, restraints to sex chairs, and sex goggles to leather whips. With these couple sex toys in Pune, the partners are sure to get incredible ideas to take their sex life to a new level.

Our Top 10 Adult Sex Toys

Mumbaisextoy is a brand new online adult toys store with more than 1400 products. When one comes to visit our store, he might wonder which products to choose and invest in. This would be no less a challenge, especially for those who are new to the world of sex toys. Therefore, based on the demand for our products in recent times, we have attempted to bring you some noteworthy products that might significantly change your sex life.

So, here are our top ten sex toys in Pune, which you can always consider buying. Here is a quick look:

➡️ Rabbit Vibrator

Although there are many vibrators, the rabbit vibrator has a separate fan base. Women love these vibrating toys because of their dual stimulation feature. These vibrators come with shafts and vibrating motors with which women enjoy both clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration at the same time. The demand for rabbit vibrators is massive across India. It also counts among the 5th best sex toys in India for solo play by women. Mumbaisextoy considers it as the topmost sex toy for women in terms of demand and aftereffects. The demand for rabbit vibrators will never go down so easily in the coming years.

➡️ Cock Rings

The problems with erection are age-old and keep rising with time. Today, there are numerous cases in India which have resulted in disappointments and failures in men’s sex life. So, we have brought cock rings in different designs and patterns. The most notable and desired ones are those which come with vibrations enabled. These rings are easy to use and involve no discomfort for the men. These rings are small in size but are so impactful that men would never stop buying these from our online store. The way these rings trigger erection is commendable and, hence, a worthy product for men with erectile dysfunction.

➡️ Anal Dildo

Couples love anal sex like anything, and the anal dildo does a marvellous job of assuring both safety and performance. As anal sex is a bit risky for couples, these anal dildos with tapered ends minimize pain and let the thrusts happen slowly. For this, one uses a lubricant on the anal dildo and inserts slowly into the anal area. Unlike your finger or any other objects, these dildos are way safer and better for the session. Of course, partners will want each other’s safety. So, anal dildos always score high among the sex toys for couples in Pune.

➡️ Super Girl

Men are always keen to go erotic with hot girls in bed. In this respect, the Super Girl is an exceptional sex doll for those horny men who are waiting to unlock their fetish fantasies. As these look exactly like sexy real girls, men would love having them on their bed. These sex dolls are made of good quality silicone and hence it is so cuddly. Even the private organs of these dolls are so seductive, realistic, and prominent that men would have a blast in bed. So, when it comes to alluring men in bed, nothing would match the sex appeal of Super Girl.

➡️ G-spot vibrator

The G-spot is the most sensitive and erogenous zone in the female genitals. However, reaching it for stimulation is a lot more challenging. This is where the G-spot vibrator scores and makes users tickle their hard to reach spot inside the vagina. These vibrators have gained massive importance in the last few years for their ability to let women unlock their erotic desires during solo play. Hence, the G-spot vibrator takes the fifth position in this list, making women joyful and contented in bed.

➡️ Male Stroker

Who doesn’t want to stroke harder? Well, men know better what fun it is to stroke non-stop. Here comes the greatness of the male stroker. These are erotic female bodies with private organs, which men can use to stroke and play in bed. Those men who want to fulfill their erotic dreams will love spending time with the male stroker. Men can go on with their strokes without pause and unlock their naughtiness like anything. These erotic toys are, moreover, affordable and prove to be a worthy investment for men who are alone.

➡️ App-controlled Vibrators

Who said long-distance relationships don’t work? The app-controlled vibrators are proving to be worthy for the couples who are miles away from each other and wish to get naughty at the same time. These vibrators are exceptional in terms of connectivity and use the Bluetooth technology. Some of these vibrators come with remote-controlled devices, while some require simple smartphones. One has to install the right app and set the controls accordingly. It is fun when the male partner teases his female partner as if they are together in one place.

➡️ Penis Extender Sleeve

There are several challenges for men in their sex life. One such challenge is extending the size of their penis. It is not harmful but a serious step that demands safety and no side effects. Men go ahead to extend their penis size for better performance and satisfying their partners. Hence, the penis extender sleeve does a marvelous job in helping men extend their penis in the most harmless manner. It’s not any medicine or surgical procedure. Instead, it’s a silicone-made accessory which the user has to wear over his penis and experience growth in length and girth. It looks like a condom and would fit the penis size rightly.

➡️ Realistic Vibrator

When girls make plans to come up with naughtiness in bed, they prefer keeping kinky stuff with them beneath their pillows. In this respect, the realistic vibrator will act as their true companion. These are vibrators that take the realistic length and shape of the male penis. Where these vibrators stand out is their multi-vibration settings that let women enjoy stimulations in different patterns. Be it foreplay or solo play, this sex toy for women keeps them sexually satisfied and brings them enriching orgasms. Also, these vibrators are affordable and play a vital role in enhancing a woman’s sex life.

➡️ Bondage Sex

Couples never want boredom in their sex life. The wilder they can get, the better their relationship will be. So, those who wish to add an extra dose of eroticism in their sex life will love browsing for our bondage sex toys and accessories. We have leather whips, restraints, sex chairs, sex goggles, mouth ball gags, and lots more. With these BDSM toys, couples can initiate different sexual acts. For instance, they can do role play, cuckoldry, edge play, and more. Since different BDSM activities demand different sex toys and accessories, couples can choose as per the act they prefer initiating the most. All these products are purely erotic and assure to add loads of entertainment to the intimate session.

Order Mature Toys in Pune and Pay in Easy Steps

Mumbaisextoy brings you the most hassle-free steps to buy sex toys in Pune. No need to step out of your home because our store will make you do it from the comfort of your couch. Furthermore, our website is so easy to navigate and leads to the ordering steps with no effort. So, no matter where you are in India, you can easily place an order without worries. You can connect us through call and interact with our executives. Also, you can talk to them through WhatsApp or e-mail by sending your order details or product details or image.

Our sales executives are knowledgeable and capable to assist you in all ways. Whether you want to place an order, know about a product, enquire about a product’s usage or any other thing, you can always approach our store and sort your queries.

For payments, we are flexible to accept through multiple modes. We aim to keep people at ease and assure convenience alongside safety in making payments. Here are our following modes of payments. Take a quick look:

Cash on Delivery (COD) – Paying through cash on order delivery is common and convenient for people. It is a simple method where the customer gets the order first and makes the payment accordingly. The delivery representative will ask for the order amount as soon as he delivers it to the customer. We accept cash on delivery at all corners throughout Maharashtra.

Debit/Credit card – Those who prefer making instant payment will find it convenient to avail the option of paying through a debit or credit card. No matter for which you are holding the debit or credit card, we will accept payment through it. Nowadays, people who go for online shopping pay in advance through debit and credit cards for convenience.

Direct bank deposit – Our online sex toys store in Pune is also flexible in accepting payments being deposited in our respective bank account. For this, we provide an account number or IFSC code based on which the customer has to make the payment. This payment can be initiated by the customer through his or her smartphone or laptop.

Electronic Payment (UPI) – The 21st century is the time for the smartphone users. Hence, they can now avail this advantage of making electronic payments through their smartphones. We have multiple payment gateways like Phonepe, G-pay or Payumoney through which you can make instant payment from anywhere you wish. Such is the convenience and benefit of making an electronic payment.

FAQs :

Q: How genuine it is to shop for sex toys in Pune from Mumbaisextoy?

A: Mumbaisextoy is a well-known adult sex toys store online offering premium-quality sexual wellness products throughout Maharashtra and India. We have a dedicated customer care department where you can always call up and sort queries. Our product prices are affordable, and we ensure secure packaging as well. We deliver discreetly and assure safety while receiving payments.

Q: How can I place an order at Mumbaisextoy to buy sex toys in Pune?

A: Mumbaisextoy takes orders through multiple ways for buying sex toys in Pune. One can call our store and request for an order. Alternatively, we are approachable on WhatsApp where you can forward your details. Also, one can send us email or SMS for order placement. If one wishes, he can directly order through our website.

Q: Is cash on delivery accepted at Mumbaisextoy?

A: Mumbaisextoy accepts cash on delivery at all corners of Maharashtra and anywhere in India. So, if you are buying sex toys in Pune and want to pay through cash, we will accept it.

Q: What are the types of sex toys in Pune available at Mumbaisextoy?

A: Mumbaisextoy has all types of adult products for men, women, and couples. All these products aim at keeping people sexually active and satisfied. From vibrators, masturbators, and enlargement creams to sex dolls, glass dildos, and anal dildos, we have everything for everyone.

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